Resolving Azure Artifacts NuGet Feed Issue: Missing Upstream Package


I recently troubleshooted a scenario where a specific package was not visible in our Azure Artifacts NuGet feed for certain users. Interestingly, this package originated from another feed within our organization, which served as an upstream feed to our primary feed.

The peculiarity of the situation was that I, possessing the Owner role of the feed, could locate the package in Visual Studio. This discrepancy prompted an investigation into the timing and possible causes of the issue.

The problem coincidentally emerged when we had just overhauled our permissions model to limit the number of users with owner and contributor rights. After a comprehensive search and analysis of various Stack Overflow and GitHub issues, I stumbled upon this helpful response.

The revelation was that, for a user (in this case, a developer) to utilize a package from an upstream feed, they must have contributor rights to the feed. This is because the use of the package entails adding it to the feed.

To resolve this, navigate through the following steps:

Go to the Feed
Select Feed Settings (the cog icon in the upper right corner)
Navigate to Permissions
Add your developer group or individual developers
Assign the role of Contributor

By adhering to these steps, you can ensure that your developers will have access to the necessary packages, contributing to a smoother development process.